Our Guiding Principles


One of the core principles guiding the work of Equitable Earth Initiative is interconnectedness. At one level, this refers to the oneness of the human race. An apt analogy is that of the human race as a body with individual human beings as the cells of that body. This understanding of the oneness of humanity suggests that the well-being of the individual and the well-being of global society as a whole are integrally connected. Interconnectedness also describes the connection between humanity and nature. It is not simply that we rely on the natural world for resources that we use. We are embedded in, connected to, and part of the natural world as individuals, as communities and as a race. The ignoring and suppressing of this interconnectedness is at the root of the environmental challenges that we face in the world today.



The principle of interconnectedness is integrally connected with the second principle at the heart of Equitable Earth: justice.  Inherent in the recognition of the oneness of the human race is that injury to one human being is injury to us all; genuine well-being cannot be achieved for some while others suffer.  Inherent in the principle of our interconnectedness with nature is the recognition that injustice in social affairs will inevitably result in unhealthy relationships with the natural world.  Social justice is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable development.



The third principle that is central to the work of Equitable Earth Initiative is learning. Not only do we strive to ensure that our personnel are continually learning and basing their contributions on experience, but we believe that learning should be embedded as a key component of social action. All of our work aims to promote the incorporation of learning processes into policy development and social action around land governance and natural resource management.